So you'll be featured in an upcoming issue of Stroll. (Yay!)

Now what?

We all know that pictures are the first thing most people look at when reading a magazine, right? Well it's MY job to make you look good in your photos and that they illustrate your story. I'm here to guide you through the whole thing.

*If you already have current photos, you may certainly submit your own. Email high resolution jpeg images to:

what to expect

1. Write your story.

(at least mental bullet points)

Before the camera ever comes out, we need to know who, what and where we need to photograph.

2. Reserve your date/time.

There's a link below to compare your calendar to mine and reserve your date/time. Keep in mind availability of anyone else who'll be joining the shoot. Once you choose, I'll get an email notification and take it from there! I can help with wardrobe, too.

3. Our photoshoot.

We have our photoshoot! Depending on your story, we shoot anywhere from 15-45 minutes. I bring music and direct you through the entire shoot.


4. Image review.

When we are done shooting, I'll upload the images we captured and we'll cull them together, picking out your favorites to be submitted for publication.




5. In case you're interested in purchasing...

That's entirely up to you - a decision you may make when we do our image review. (see pricing below)


How much does it cost?

Your photoshoot for Stroll is complimentary (valued at $500). After your shoot, you have the opportunity to purchase images. If and what you choose to purchase is entirely up to you. Only buy what you love.


Do we get to choose which images are submitted to be published?

Yes! As soon as we're done shooting, we'll sit together with my laptop and go through your images together. Also at that time, you'll make a decision whether or not to purchase. Even though we're just in it together to shoot for the magazine, most business owners love having fresh imagery to share in their marketing.

What if I'm not photogenic?

That's not your job. It's mine! We've all had different experiences being photographed in the past (good or bad!) I fully direct and guide you through the entire shoot to make sure you look and feel great. Plus, with the ability to look through your images same-day, you can feel confident in how you and your brand are represented.

How much will this cost me?

Your photo shoot is complimentary for the magazine. The decision whether or not to purchase is entirely up to you.

Where will we take photos?

My job is to take pictures to help tell your story. We have a chat about this in advance and figure out together where the best location will be, specific to you and your family.


Stacy is such a lovely person and a true pleasure to work with! She kept my whole family relaxed, at ease, and having fun through our entire session. Stacy’s artistic vision is unique an inspiring, and we are so incredibly grateful that we have these photos to commemorate this special time in our lives. I know our photos will be cherished heirlooms.


Ready to compare calendars?


Never hesitate to reach out. OR call/text 308-440-8043