Portraits as unique as you.

What if you had a photoshoot and actually liked ... or (dare I say) loved the way you look?

It doesn't have to be a rare unicorn moment.

Let me show you what I do ...
which is maybe different than you're used to.

and psst... it's actually not a photoshoot. it's a party.

Bottomline: I want to take the best damn photographs you've ever seen of yourself. Period.

What are we shooting?

Allow myself to introduce myself.

I am Stacy and my work is focused on creating a fun, creative experience with images that are actually PRINTED (and not just forgotten forever on some junkie hard drive). Shoots with me are thoughtfully designed with our end goals in mind, full of music and laughter. Stress is not involved, but drinks usually are!


real words from real people

Christian H

Stacy is incredibly talented and a pleasure to work with. She is super charismatic and makes an otherwise awkward situation (me smiling) a very fun and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend her for everything photography, and I look forward to working with her again soon!


Do you sell digital images?

You betcha! Anything I print for you includes the corresponding digital images.
*exception: commercial clients receive digital packages

When's the best time to book my shoot?

Whenever you're ready! I will say, however, getting yourself ready for a photo shoot does take some time to prepare. And typically I book 2-3 months out, anyways, as a heads up. I am there for you every step of the way to give you the best portrait experience.

What if I want to lose 10 pounds first?

I understand completely. You may not like the way you feel right now, but you still have to be seen in the world. Know that you are perfectly you as you are TODAY. Trust being photographed by a professional. I have 20+ years experience posing people to find the poses that suit everyone’s unique body type. I’ll also coach you on what to wear to make sure we have the right shapes happening.

How do I get ready for my shoot?

I got you! A couple of weeks before your scheduled shoot, we’ll connect for a pre-shoot style consultation either in person or via FaceTime in your closet to discuss wardrobe options. Hair and make-up is included to make it stress-free for you. Just be sure to get your salon appointments scheduled for hair color/nails/waxing, etc… before your session.

What if we JUST want digitals?

I get it! We live in a digital world and posting our digital photos on Facebook and Instagram is the norm. But after we post our pics and get all the likes, what are we left with? If you're just looking for a quick McDonalds experience and truly take the time to DIY prints, there are so many talented photographs out there who will do exactly what you think you want. If you want to do something different and leave a legacy for your children, hire me! You'll get both: a full service experience, high quality beautiful prints PLUS the corresponding digital image.
*exception: commercial clients receive digital packages

How much is this going to cost?

What you spend is entirely up to you! Only purchase what you love. Some people spend $500 and others spend $5000. A full pricing menu will be provided before booking to make sure you're making the right decision for you.

What if I’m not photogenic?

Good news! My favorite thing is to photograph people who think I have my work cut out for me! Challenge = accepted. And you’re not alone. Most people feel nervous at first and awkward in front of the camera. But trust that you’re in good hands and I’ll guide and direct you from start to finish.

Can I bring a friend or my pet?

Absolutely. We'll discuss that ahead of time at your pre-shoot consultation to make sure we plan for it.