Everyone has had a different experience when photographed in the past.

Maybe you had more than 1 chin in your last headshot.

Maybe you struggled with what the heck to wear and had a bad hair day to boot.

Perhaps you realized you got what you paid for - ending up with a bunch of digital files that made it paralyzing impossible to make a decision on what to do with them. So then you never do anything with them and they are forgotten about in the digital abyss with nothing to show for your time and energy spent and you forgot the whole entire reason you wanted portraits in the first place.

Sometimes you just need a shoot-and-burn McDonalds experience (see above) and sometimes it really matters.

I'm here for you when it matters. To take the most amazing photographs you've ever seen of yourself. I guide you through the entire thing - wardrobe styling, professional hair & make-up, and a fully directed shoot with our end game in mind.

Ready to do something different?

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Lastly, although there is no pressure to work with me when we connect, I do ask that you are ready to invest in portraits right now. Can you confirm that you're ready to invest at least the time to connect to make sure we are a good fit?

monday - friday 9AM-5PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


1545 N Locust St Wahoo, NE 68066


kind words


[Stacy] handled my two sons and husband, (for which none of them are ever thrilled about pics), with such grace and kindness and humor and our pictures are some of the best we've ever taken in the last 20 years! Thank you, Stacy, for making our experience so wonderful and the results the very best!!

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