I love to shoot people.

As uncertain as these times are in our world, one thing I know to be true... nothing is more important than family and friends. The people we don't get to chose for ourselves and the people we do. The people we do life with that make our lives whole.

Here are my people:

Ryan, my husband of 17 years (he's really good at math). Violet, our 5 year old daughter (you can see where she's been by the trail of paper shreds and glitter).

One dog (Arrow) and one cat (Millie).

When I'm not being creative in the studio or on location, I can most certainly be found golfing, working in the yard, or playing cards. My favorite things are pairing the perfect meal with the perfect drink, entertaining, and designing new spaces.

[photo above by Gabby Goc; below by Hannah VanDerslice]

us being... us

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Maureen 'moe'

“I learned so much from Stacy in our short time together. I love the calm she brought in a storm. Really, her gift is beyond photography. She brings peace to people which is hard to do in this busy world. I found myself not wanting her to leave... she was medicinal to me for real-zes.... she is da bomb. I know my friend has always talked about how amazing she is, but this is the first time I got an insiders look. Stacy is such a blessing and I’m grateful for the time she gave us.”

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