How fun it was to collect these images and reminisce about 2021. What a year!

I think it's such a healthy and positive practice to take the time to assess your year....whether it be personal or professional. You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. So in gathering these images, I've found what I need to work on as a photographer. And the number one thing is shooting wider and being more consistent with both my white balance and contrast. Definitely some things to work on and improve for next year's sessions.

Completely OFF TOPIC, but do you own any crystals?? I purchased a beautiful little amethyst stone that promised to bring new opportunities if placed on the upper right-hand corner of my desk. That was 2 years ago and whoa. I boy do I believe in the woo woo magic of the crystals now. I've never been presented with more opportunities than this year! And the biggest blessing is working with The Chronicle. I've met so many fascinating people I NEVER would have met otherwise. Not only am I part of a fun team of fellow creatives now, but also it's opened up a vast network of future work. Seriously so blessed.

Ongoing is my community involvement - shooting around town at ribbon cuttings and for the adoptable pets in our area and what-not. I love being out, seen with my camera. Makes me feel very needed and I'm so happy to share my talent.

So looking ahead at the new year, I'm going to keep up with my most dreaded task, like, ever.... entering my books monthly instead of waiting until January and trying to sort all my receipts for the whole past 12 months. Work on my white balance and contrast. Maybe upgrade my light stands. But all-in-all I'm thrilled to meet some new faces and run some exciting promotions. (and special thanks to Lake Country Growers for the Delta 8! I call it my idea juice.) I look forward to my weekly shoot with The Good Life Boutique and all my other future business partnerships (remember the amethyst? it's currently parked in the sunlight to recharge for 2022!).

2021 favorite images round-up