walking for a cause

I grew up adoring cats and despised dogs until I became a dog mom in 2001. Our little black clearance puppy, Toby, was our sun and stars! And when we moved to Wahoo and I heard there was a pet rescue, I knew I wanted to get involved at Saunders County Lost Pets (SCLP). I'll admit I was hesitant... as most people are about volunteering with animals. The whole 'I want to take them all home' mentality and the thought that it will make you sad to see the darker side of what can happen to stray pets. But it's SO the opposite! Every time I leave SCLP, I'm smiling and have warm fuzzy feelings. Sure, we can't save them all but we can sure make a difference to many.


SCLP is an all-volunteer run organization. We have about 15 dogs and 30 cats at any given time that are up for adoption. I'm privileged to be able to photograph all the adoptable pets before they get adopted. A good headshot makes such a difference with them getting adopted. LOVE my job.

Every year we have a fundraiser, Walk for Paws. Funds go to the direct care of all our adoptable pets (spay/neuter, microchips, vaccinations, room/board until they get adopted). So for our 15th annual Walk, we raised over 12K!

THANK YOU to our community for your ongoing support. Here's some pics from our event if you'd like to see...