Debora Wilcox, Owner | Stacy Ideus, Marketing


Being an organization mostly run by our amazingly dedicated volunteers, a lot goes with that territory. For the past 15 years we've been running off of hand-me-down home office furniture, donations, and stuff just was accumulating because all our time was spent on day to day chores. Stuff was accumulating, furniture was breaking down, and our clerical systems were... un-organized.

So we knew it was high time for a refresh and re-evaluation of space and structure.

We made a plan and followed through! Here's what we did:

  • new paint on the walls and trim
  • upgraded our reception desk to a NEW piece of furniture (it's beautiful and only took 4 of us and 2.5 hours to assemble. haha)
  • new large filing cabinet found on Facebook Marketplace
  • new retail display
  • new TV to serve as a memorial wall and digital message board
  • donation drop zone
  • new window covering
  • made our outlets all match
  • installed a clock (I know, right?!)

way to go team!

It's amazing what a de-cluttered space can do for your mind. Now with our renewed space, we can keep organized, on task, and help more pets find homes!

THANK YOU to all our volunteers who helped us accomplish this:

  • Debora and Stacy, the masterminds behind the project
  • the SCLP board of directors
  • Ryan, drywall guy
  • Austin, electrical guy
  • Veronica (cursed the new desk but muddled through)
  • Taylor, helped paint and assemble our desk
  • Jim, (Stacy's dad) installations
  • Steve, random tasks