working smarter, not harder

First off, I LOVE my studio space. We built an addition onto our home (completed in 2013) doing most of the work ourselves. We hired the brickwork, concrete, and a traded our shingles for wedding photography (haha!). This studio space gets used a lot... I shoot here, work here, meet with clients here. We throw an epic Halloween bash annually and I host meetings from time to time for all the groups we're involved in (including Ryan's fantasy football league). That said, the furniture in here gets schlepped around, re-arranged, and man-handled. And while I loved all the pieces that have came and went, one thing I've learned (finally... after lots of cussing and sweat) is that I either need light-weight furniture I can move myself or everything has to be on wheels.

Wheels aren't the safest thing for sitting-on furniture, so sense-dense stuff has been on my mind. Hence our epic Arizona trip to source for new amongst the Mecca of estate sales. We had an absolute blast shopping and managed to play a giant game of Tetris to haul it all back in Ryan's truck. (See our Arizona pics here)

Anywho... here is a little tour of my newly refreshed studio if you'd like to see............

studio before & after

sip studio tour