the story

our inspiration

This morning I celebrated the bedroom being 100% completed. What did I do, you ask? Since Violet is at my Mom's for the weekend, I made some coffee, drank it in bed while Millie took a nap on my chest and I watched a documentary on the lifestyle photographer Slim Aarons. All guilt free. Because it feels so good to have a finished space to sleep/retreat in. The main inspiration came from an interior designer named Jenny Komenda. She designs the most beautiful beauty-feeling Cali vibe bedrooms. Well... that's what we were after. I can't even tell you how fun it was to reimagine this space. But to really appreciate it, we gotta go waaaaay back to the beginning of our home renovation 9 years ago. Scroll down...


When we first moved in, we did some major wall changing. Took some out, added some back in. Replaced the windows, one by one. It's best described by these floorpans... the first one is the BEFORE. Before we did anything...

the demo begins

Here are the walls we took out...

current floorplan

And here's what it looks like now...

Knowing we spend 99% more time in the main living area than we do in our bedroom, we made the choice to take out the master closet to make way for a built in media center in the living room. So for the past 8 years, we've been using the extra bedroom as a closet. Just racks in the room and an armoire. (not gonna lie... kind of got used to that big space for a closet!)

Then when we started our bathroom remodel, we moved our clothes downstairs and made the 'closet room' our temporary bedroom. A mattress on the floor like college. lol. Not ideal. Going downstairs to get dressed was also not ideal. Actually, downright annoying.

the bathroom started it all

The master bathroom was laughable, at best. More of a 'water closet' with the tiniest sink in America. So we merged the main and master bath to create a pretty new space.

the punch list

After the bathroom was done (that took 8 loooong months of using the Holocaust basement bathroom), we took a bit of a breather. Then COVID hit and we found ourselves with lots of time on our hands to dive into the bedroom remodel. : ).


  • block in the West window (it was my vision to be able to hang a large piece of art over the bed... something I've NEVER been able to do in any house we've lived in to date)
  • put in a smaller South window
  • new drywall + electrical + insulation
  • custom wardrobe built in cabinets (made by my Dad)
  • replace the flooring
  • new headboard + nightstands

Here are some progress pics...


In case you are curious where things came from, here's a roundup!

Headboard : Article

Nightstands: Facebook marketplace $30

Large mirror: Facebook marketplace $30

Framed art above bed: it's a deer bed taken on our ground near Beatrice. Ryan loves to deer hunt and this was a compromise as to not have any actual 'deer' portraits in the room.

Pillows - cobalt blue velvet sewed by my Aunt Judy

Boobie vase - sculpted by my Aunt Judy

Other artwork: I love you hand: Etsy / nude portrait: Etsy / large nude: thrifted / nude sculpture: estate sale in Arizona / watercolor of the flipping of the bird: painted by my Aunt Judy

Bedding: West Elm

Curtains: Target

Cabinet Hardware / Sconces: Amazon

Rug: Facebook marketplace for $50! : )