all the feels

Graduation is on the horizon for so many amazing kids. I have to tell you about Camille today. She is bright, positive, and my girl. I've been photographing her and her family for over 10 years now and I want to take you back to our first session in 2012. I took them to a nearby farm by Wahoo and I remember everything about it. The weather was perfect, kiddos were dressed in bright colors, and music was playing. A successful session and I've shot them every year since. After an hour of digging on old hard drives I failed to dig up those images, sadly. But what I truly honor about this very magical session is words I received from 8 year old Camille. See - Camille has a vision impairment and she loved our session so very much she wanted to tell me about her experience. She talked about the warm sun, the music, and the way I made her FEEL. I kept her little letter, written in Braille, after all these years. It's exactly what makes me smile on the tough days.

use your words

Many times as a photographer to communicate to my clients what I want them to do and how I want them to position their body, I find myself doing the action Vs. using my words.

Tilt your head this way.

Turn your nose to the window.

Pull your chin forward and down.

When you take away vision, you're only left with words. So to communicate with Camille, it was more like breaking it down and really focusing on what I was saying, step-by-step.

take the time

Have you ever felt the urge to tell someone how good they made you feel? Next time you get the itch, please put it in writing and send a card or a note. Pay the good feels forward.

congraulations, camille!

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