i wanna look old and fat!

..... said no one ever.

So how do we fix that? Simple! Read on.

what not to do

Here we have my beautiful friend, Dani. I told her to stand this way because that's what so many of us do when posing for a snapshot. Head-on, feet planted, and there you are. A block of squares. Not always sexy or flattering.

the right way to stand

Objects closer to the camera will appear larger. Objects farther away from the camera appear smaller.

Not rocket science, but crucial if you want to minimize what you don't love about your bod.

Rule No. 1 If it bends, bend it. Pop a hip out, bend your arms. Tilt your head.

Rule No. 2 Hate your butt? Push it back and lean your chest forward. Position yourself at a 45 degree angle to the camera. Large chested? Lean forward at the waste and jut your jaw towards the camera.

Rule No. 3 Tighten your torso, suck it in, zip it up. BUT relax your shoulders at the same time.

Stand in front of the mirror and practice. : )

thank you, dani, for demonstrating and always looking GORGEOUS.