YES. There is absolutely a time to purchase new furniture (baby beds, mattresses, etc...). But I much prefer pieces with soul and a story. And saving money. HANDS DOWN the last thing. There's a reason it's a saying "One's man's trash is another man's treasure." Just because a piece of furniture no longer has a place in your home doesn't mean it still doesn't have a life to live. If it's in good shape yet, doesn't have any mystery scents, and brings a person joy, I say hell yes. Scroll down to read my top 3 tips for thrifting for used furniture and pieces for your home.

the best spaces are curated over time


Take stock of what furniture/decor you'd like to replace. Take measurements of your space and what sized pieces would work the best. I keep a running list on my iPhone in notes for this so it's handy always. #ibreakforyardsales (and don't forget to pack your tape measure shopping)


When you stumble on something that sparks interest, first measure, then give it the good ol' wiggle test. Sit in it... stand on it. Think of how it will function for you. If it needs repair and you're seriously considering it for purchase, thoughtfully consider the logistics of fixing it. Will it take hiring someone to fix it? Can you DIY? If it will be a pain and lots of expense, maybe better PASS on it. There's lots of garages and basements out there I'm sure that are full of amazing finds with good intentions that never got attention.


If you love it immediately and it brings you joy, BUY IT. You got to. I can't tell you how many times I've passed up amazing things. One-of-kind things are just that! There's only ONE. If you can't stop thinking about, bite the bullet and get it. You'll find a place for it eventually. I've even set up a little hidey-hole in our house. A sort of 'central supply' of decor, if you will, to refresh our shelves and what not.