violet turns 6

It's no lie that we have an abnormally large child. Violet is one of the tallest in her class and she looks and acts older than a Kindergartener most of the time. And whelp - she has a birthday coming up (October 9th) and every year I schedule her for a birthday shoot. And I legit have to put it on my calendar otherwise it'll never happen. Photographing your own kid is a whole other ball of wax than doing it for clients.

On a recent kayak excursion at our own Lake Wanahoo (conveniently just 5 minutes from our house!) I discovered this little bridge area that seemed perfectly outfitted for this dress. She's about to be a flower girl in a wedding and by golly I wanted to get our money's worth out of this Etsy find. So off to the lake we went ... toting the pets, an assistant (thank you, DEB!), and the promise of 2 pieces of candy and a popsicle.


does it feel like scotland?

Have you seen Outlander on STARZ? It's one of our all-time favorite series. We love that it has everything we want in a show ... history, romance, blood, grit, and pretty scenery. So when I saw this little spot right here in Nebraska it reminded me so much of what I see of Scotland. And the dress reminds me of something Claire would wear. So there you have it. My loose interpretation of an Outlander-themed shoot. Hope you enjoyed! It was pretty stressful for this mama to have the pets there and deal with the logistics of getting her ready, myself ready, and not annoying the fishermen that were within yelling distance. lol