Time to schedule your appointments to have your hair cut/colored and a fresh manicure. Neutral and natural nails photograph best.


Professional hair & make up is included with your session fee for 1 person ($100 each additional person). If you or anyone else being photographed plans to do your own make up, please skip any products with shimmer and avoid bronzer (it can make your face look dirty on-camera) Go a little heavier on your eye make up than your day-to-day and a neutral lip photographs best. Blemishes? don't worry - photoshop exists for a reason : )


If you don't usually get spray tans, you can skip it! This is no time for experimentation. But if you're accustomed to them already, go for it.


Get your beauty rest! It's a thing. And drink plenty of water so you feel fresh and at your best.


This is a biggie. So it has its own section below. Read on, friend.

What to bring

Bring 5-7 different looks and we'll narrow it down together. I will have a steamer available if any garments need a touch up.

Be ready to get spoiled.

Be ready to get spoiled.

The more effort you put into your clothing, the better your shoot will be.

Let's chat about specifics and where to begin. A week or two before your session, I'll be giving you an assignment. Browse through my Instagram/website and send me screenshots of the look(s) you're drawn to. Crucial for me to know this before we dive into your closet. Then we'll set up a zoom call to sift through your wardrobe together.

Opt for simple & classic

We want your portraits to be timeless, beautiful, and simple. So we'll want to avoid any trendy pieces that will date your images (so no 'cold shoulder tops', Linda). We also want to avoid looking too seasonal (unless Winter is your favorite and you have a nice cozy turtleneck, for example).

Textures and layers are great, prints and patterns are often not.

Shoes don't matter so much unless they're you're thang.

Bring more than you think you need!

You will TOTALLY feel like you're moving in. But it's better to have too much than not enough. Bring 5-10 different looks that encapsulate your entire self.

  • casual outfits
  • cocktail attire
  • something a little sexy?
  • what you wear to work - may as well update your headshot while you're in the studio, right?


Crucial. Your clothes should fit you to perfection. Try on that cocktail dress after you brush the dust off. Choose pieces that flatter your body type - and FACT: if you're carrying a few extra lbs, more fitted clothing is actually preferred. I got you, Boo, with posing and lighting to slim. No one looks good in a garbage sack.


Be sure to bring the appropriate undergarments (I'm talking to you, lady, with the black bra under the white tank)

Once you're in studio...

I. Game Plan

When you first arrive, we'll go over what you brought to wear and narrow it down before you sit for hair & makeup.

II. Hair & Makeup

Get ready to feel spoiled.


III. Your photo shoot

Music, laughter, and I'll direct you through the entire thing.


IV. View/Selection Appointment

This is when you'll make decisions on what you'd like to buy. Only buy what you love. It is important to me that everyone is on the same page pricing is concerned. Please share pricing with anyone who needs to be in on this decision and by all means, bring them along to this appointment.

INSERT pricing here


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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