I'M FASCINATED BY and attracted to color. All the colors of the rainbow. Naturally being an artist, I notice color everywhere - murals on the sides of buildings, throw cushions on a sofa, and mostly what color people are wearing. And I had 'my colors done' a couple of years ago which may sound hokey and a frivolous expense but to me it was a game changer. Not only do I know what colors look best on my with my skin tone, but I've also never received more compliments on my appearance since having that appointment. I loved the experience so much, I gifted it to my Mom and then we did Violet's, too. (Turns out we are all 3 'Springs!') It has affected every color choice I've made since - from what I wear everyday to my nail polish.

Bottomline = color matters.


a breakdown of color messaging



Red has been scientifically shown to increase the heart rate. It is also seen as a power color. Choose red when you want to appear in control or prompt people to take action.



Pink is a color to wear to appear sweet, loving, or innocent.



Orange makes people feel happy when they see it!



Yellow is the hardest color for the human eye to process. It actually irritates people to see it for too long because their eyes get fatigued. Choose yellow for your portrait with caution.



Wear shades of green to exude abundance or growth.



Blue is always a good choice. A person who wears blue in any shade is seen as trustworthy and safe. Especially great for people who work in healthcare.



Good ol’ trusty black. A go-to that is classic and there are probably several options in your closet already. But to avoid coming across as ‘boring,’ opt for textured fabric and/or interesting necklines.



White is crisp and clean. It works everytime because it’s simple and timeless.


I'm sure you have your standard go-to outfits, but when you're ready to update your headshot, do consider your clothing carefully.

And maybe the thought, alone, stresses you out because you don't want to make the wrong decision. DON'T FRET! I got you!

I'm a pro at knowing what colors look and photograph best from person to person. 23 years experience will do that. I know what will highlight your face and make your eyes POP. I know what backdrops to put you in front of to showcase the vibe you want to communicate.

And when in doubt, bring options. I'm talking, like, 10 different tops. Seriously.


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