What to do with your images

Maybe you are still on the fence about investing in hiring a professional for photography content and maybe you already have a stockpile built up.

What now?

You're a business owner and you may wear a lot of hats. I know I do, being a solo-preneur. I'm the CEO, photographer, client coordinator, marketing director, bookkeeper, cleaner, and therapist! So if you're in charge of your own social media, read on.

It's no surprise that most people choose to buy from business owners that they know, like, and trust. Your online presence is most often where people learn about you for the first time so it's important to represent your brand. People want to see the 'who' behind what product/service you offer -- so yup. That means having photographs taken of you. That's where someone like me comes in. Professional photographs take your brand up a notch. Makes you stand out from your competition and converts browsers into buyers. Investing in your business increases your sales and then the referrals start snowballing. Believe me --- it's worth it!

When curating your social media feed, some people are very calculated in what and when they post. Others are a 'fart in the skillet' and it's totally random and organic. There is room for both methods in the world, but what you want to make sure you're doing are the 5 'E's'


Good marketing solves a problem. Educate your clients on what you can do for them.

Also sharing tips and tricks that have helped YOU in your life. Anything to add value.


Share a funny story or something that will make people smile.


Don't 'post and ghost.' Comment back or end your post with a question to spark creative thinking and positive responses.


Make your product/service look irresistible to potential buyers. People will pay for what they value.


Connect. Pair words to go with your images that are meaningful to you. Always keep it positive and uplifting.


CONSISTENCY is more important than frequency.

Check out some of my client's instagram feeds. Notice how cohesive they look and feel using professional photography.\

Their clients learn to trust them because there's consistent imagery to show, rather than tell, what they offer.



Before the camera ever comes out, we chat about any specific shots you need, specific to your website. Your home page needs to have a storytelling power photo that's spot-on brand for you.



Creative juice helps in this department! Whether that's a stiff drink or a gummy. : )

I plan out and schedule all of my posts so I create in bulk a month at a time. Here are some tips that you may or may not find helpful.

re-introduce yourself

'Hi! In case you're new here, let me re-introduce myself! (fill in the blanks)'

share a story

'Did I ever tell you about the time ______ happened to me? Maybe you can relate... (share your story)'

solve a problem

'Has this ever happened to you? If so, here's how we can help with that so it never happens again!'

behind the scenes

People LOVE to be a fly on the wall. Show and tell all you do behind the scenes which earns respect.


Hopefully you found this post helpful! If you're in need of more than just a headshot, let's connect!