Jenni's dream

This sweet little set up is located near Benedict, NE. Harmony Nursery & Daylilly Farm is the place where we buy all of our flowers and shrubs every year! Happy to know and love this place ... what began as just a piece of farmland. Jenni and her husband, Mike (also my Uncle), moved a beautiful 2 story historic home onto this land. They started a family and Jenni went to horticulture school. She opened shop with a dream and a greenhouse and now it's a destination. You can come all year round for custom landscape design, flowers, shrubs, trees, and gifts. She holds frequent open houses with the seasons as well as fun workshops where you can make-and-take awesome arrangements. She wants to host more girls nights with wine, too. (let me know if you're interested!) And I get called on from time to time to help style the store with the changing of the seasons. Love getting my hands dirty.