Her history in this house runs deep.

a cover shoot with Marilyn for Stroll Country Club, Lincoln, NE

Her parents were married in 1935

In the most adorable bungalow that is very much all original, Marilyn's parents were married in the living room. And Marilyn who is in her mid 80's has lived here all her life (except for a short stint to get married) and still sleeps in her childhood bedroom. The floors creak, it has a quirky layout, and I'm sure it has climate control issues at times but it is charming. I was so delighted to photograph this sweet, tiny lady in her home and hear her stories. I could sit for hours. Every little trinket in her home had a story to tell - from her Grandmother's porcelain glove box (which weighs about 5 pounds!) to her Mother's dressing table.

She was nervous, I could tell

Like most people who aren't accustomed to having their portrait taken, Marilyn had some nerves. She carefully planned her outfit, meticulously cleaned her house in preparation. But I talked her off the ledge - put on some Glenn Miller and her stress began to melt away. I helped her feel confident and guided her through - and it brings a smile to my face remembering the words she just kept repeating throughout our entire session.... "This is SO fun!!"

I'm forever changed

What I loved most about photographing Marilyn was her openness to the whole experience. Her passion to tell me about her family and all the history it holds and her willingness and trust to follow my direction. Such a dream.