The day after Christina's Birthday

in October 2020, her dream came true. A retail bakery space to call her very own in our little town of Wahoo. After outgrowing countless spaces in Omaha over the course of 3 years and leaving a 20 year career in nursing, The Confectionist at The Wahoo Bakery was born.

Yutan native Christina Whitney and her partner of 14 years, Wes Waltermire, purchased The Wahoo Bakery with a big vision in mind. They’ve begun with the most urgent tasks being major cleaning, flooring repairs, and electrical upgrades and plan to honor the past while making it beautiful and personal when it comes to aesthetics. Big plans they’re keeping under wraps for now! 

The community has been super supportive during their transition and the whole town is excited to see what’s next and new for our beloved bakery. Christina strives to source ingredients locally, such as farm fresh eggs and coffee plus literally everything is made from scratch. The number one seller? Her blueberry scones. She’s been selling a thousand a month!

When asked how COVID has changed the way she does business, Christina states “I think it’s forced people to refocus on what’s important.”  For many Wahooligans, that means a weekly family trip to the bakery to enjoy a tasty baked treat.

After spending a little time with Christina the morning of our shoot it's plain to see her passion for creating art out of sugar and flour. And she only uses the BEST ingredients. (Bulleit Rye for her whiskey sauces. My kind of gal.) And that's what I love most about shooting these lifestyle sessions -- it's all about telling the story of how you work and what you do. What you're better at than anyone else. In Christina's case, that's baking. And thank GOD, because I SUCK at it. Did I mention she sent me home with a giant, fresh box of bread pudding with caramel sauce?! Ryan found it on the counter and ate most of it before I even had a chance.

But definitely be sure to follow these guys on social media! It's sugar porn.

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