rebecca + moe

OH how I have loved being partnered with this crew. I've known and admired these women since 2015 and when they decided to do something completely out of the box and start a hemp farm I knew they had the grit and know-how to be successful. From all the legal stuff that goes with this business, they've done their research and dove in head first. It's a lot. A lot a lot. Anything I can do to support them, I'm IN. Even traveling 9 hours to Oconomoc,Wisconsin. But who am I kidding?! I am obsessed with my job and we had a blast shooting all weekend.

And not only am I their photographer... but also a customer! My favorite thing is that I KNOW where the product is coming from. Directly from their farm to the bottle. Pure and high quality.

Be sure to check them out:

IG: lakecountrygrowers