I actually went around and counted all my pieces of framed art in the studio and house and I admit I may have a problem. 99 was my count with more in storage. hehe


To everyone else's eye, the studio was fine! And a year ago you may remember our epic roadtrip to Arizona to overhaul the studio with new-to-me estate sale finds. But you know when you are in your space day in and day out and constantly see all the dings, scuffs, and nail holes that catch your eye? That was me. It was time for a paint job touch up and a bunch of little functional things that have always been a pain:

  • the curtain rods in my changing area have always been too high making it a struggle to open and close them - so they were lowered
  • a brighter light in the changing area
  • removing my actual curtain rods because they have been sans curtains for a year and I haven't missed them!
  • changing the white paint from semi-gloss to matte because shooting against them was causing glare
  • general nail hole filling
  • shelf removal
  • switching my outlets from white to black against the newly painted office walls
  • light bulb replacement
  • new furniture (we got a new sofa in the living room that we all fit on! so the old one moved out here)


OFFICE after

the thing that almost killed me

Ugh. The ceilings are HIGH in here so to get on a ladder and cut in by the ceiling terrified me (I'm scared of plummeting to my death off the top of the tallest ladder we own). Not to mention my right foot is wonk from the balancing act. But I had a very narrow window when I didn't have anything scheduled in the studio, so we psyched ourselves up, prepared our supplies and started on Mother's Day. Took us a week to complete the punch list (thanks to Ryan's patience hanging my gallery wall onto the brick) and I am in love with how it turned out. Here's more photos of the finished spaces! What do you think??


Ryan always says 'grass never grows under anything in our house.' Kinda of true. I am always changing it up ... partly because I have a passion for interior design but also because I shoot so much in the studio I never want anyone to say 'awww...there's that dumb yellow chair AGAIN.' And basically every Tuesday when we have our Good Life Boutique shoot I have to have my studio look like a different apartment. So thank you to Facebook Marketplace for making it so easy to buy and sell.

come visit!

Whether you just want to stop in and say HI or when you're ready to book a studio session, reach out! I'd love to see you.