i used to break my back

One thing I realized only recently was that I rearrange my studio furniture a lot. Like a lot a lot. Every week. Gotta keep things fresh, you know? I have regular shoots I do in-studio and I never want it to be a thing where people say 'oh... there's that green chair AGAIN.' So in my weekly schlepping of furniture and bargaining for my patient husband to show me love with his acts of service in heavy lifting, I realized... all this studio furniture weighs a crap ton! I need everything to be on wheels. But that'd be annoying. So my solution? An epic road-trip to the Mecca of all places for lighter weight, unique, but quality furniture: ARIZONA.

Sad but true fact: the median age down there where my Aunt and Uncle live is 75 years old. And that demographic kicks the bucket quite frequently. So there happens to be a ton of estate sales and consignment shops loaded with farm-fresh goodies for people like me. My heart is pitter-pattering even thinking about our next trip. We had such great luck (it was like a giant game of Tetris to load the truck). I'll post pics of my finds in the studio after I do a tiny bit of painting first.

But here are our personal pics if you'd like to see...including a quick stop at the Grand Canyon. We squeaked in right at sunset. And 21 hours in the car with a 6 year old wasn't so bad! Violet did amazing. Having my girlfriend, Deb, along helped of course. She's the best travel companion, like, ever. We never once wanted to kill one another (which a long road trip has a tendency to do sometimes....)