Binging on Netflix

I'm sure you've all seen or heard about the show called 'This is Us' currently streaming on Netflix. But in case you haven't, it's a family drama that has complex characters. I'm totally sucked in. Maybe because I'm an only child and really have no drama when it comes to family (luckily). When I do generational photoshoots, I sometimes get jealous, though, of the deep connections siblings have with each other and their parents growing up in the same household.

That's why I wanted to highlight this dear family today. This is the Riel family. They are from Strang,NE and are more than fantastic. John and Joan raised 3 beautiful daughters: Becky, Katie, and Hannah. Becky is a 40 over 40 client (and one of my favorite human's, like, ever) and after her experience she wanted me to capture her immediate family.

I have thoughts on this idea.

First of all, WHO DOES THIS after the age of 18?! I mean- once you're 'of age' you are kicked out of your parents house and move onto bigger and better things. You get married, have your own babies, and then complete chaos ensues as the family continues to multiply.

I APPLAUD what Becky did. To carve out time on a weekday with just your core. The people who nurtured you and made you who you are. Minus the added crazy of your own spouses and children. A true chance to reconnect and remember where you came from. I love it so much.

Here are some favorites we captured as well as a behind the scenes glimpse... (the mobster/turtleneck photo is paying homage to one they took as teen girls --- with a Stacy spin on it, of course)

Want to reconnect with your immediates?

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