lauren is a master

The second I walked into Lauren and Kyle's home, I knew it was somethin special. Carefully and thoughtfully curated over time by Lauren's own two hands... mostly from shopping estate and garage sales. My kinda lady. Our tastes are extremely similar (although she calls herself a 'maximalist'). I adore her use of color and eclectic-ness of her objects. Totally could have hung out in her space for hours with wine. Why didn't we do that, btw, Lauren?!

Here's some more pics in case you want to feel instant inspiration.

they are the 4th owners

Their home was built in 1922 by a married couple who only lived there for about 4 years before moving to California. Then a lady and her niece moved in and ran the front room as a neighborhood tea room and rented out the 2nd floor to a bunch of college students! Then a man named Ray moved in and died there in 2013. And now it looks like this! So very beautiful. Thank you, O'Donnell family, for letting me capture your spaces!