I STILL can't believe we made it there and back in one piece with all the unpredictable travel drama. And it's SO.FAR.FROM.HOME. Wow. I get it now why not many Americans make this voyage. It was a lot for my Dad - he's really showing his age, which makes my heart a little sad. But nonetheless, we did it! And we are so happy with the memories we made.

We traveled together with my Dad and his wife, Jana, my husband Ryan and our 8 year old Violet (she did awesome!)

Dad sold his classic 1974 Cuda to finance the trip for us ---- basically saying 'here's my credit card. book it.' So I was our travel agent and (thanks to Google Maps and air b&b) I planned the whole thing in under 3 months. We left the day after Christmas and came back January 6th.

Frequently asked questions now!

Why Australia?

It's a place none of us had ever been! And offered a wide range of activities for our crew which varied in age from 71-8!

How was the flight?

AWESOME and not bad at all if you ask me! Of course, I planned ahead and had me some Xanax. If you ask the rest of my posse, they'd say it was the worst experience ever. We're super glad we brought our gun massager with us.

What is the time difference?

They are 16 hours ahead. We felt super disconnected from our life because of it. Jet lag wasn't a thing when we got there but coming home.... WHOA. It's real. For a solid 3 days we kept waking in the middle of the night wide awake and hungry.

Did you see any koalas?

Yup! But only in the sanctuary's. They are protected and I guess it's pretty rare to see one in the wild. We saw 4 wallabies in some yards, though! And got to pet a kangaroo. They are super soft like a cat, surprisingly.

How was the food?

Amazing! We were in a very popular beachy area with lots of vegans. So every menu had a wide variety. The coffee is outstanding.

Best memory?

The ultra private Hinterland glowworm experience. It was the sexiest place on earth. Netflix doesn't even know about this stuff to make a documentary. Also, one night I had made a beef pot roast for our supper and it tasted off to us. So we started calling it 'kangaroo-moo.' We laughed til we cried.