2024 Professional Photographers of Nebraska Conference

I learn best when I'm out of my environment... hands on... with other creatives. A place that mentally gets me out of my element - taking away all the distractions (family, pets, laundry, etc...). Because when your workplace is attached to your home you need to just GET AWAY. And nerd out.

Final thoughts

I left our 3 day conference with:

  • inspiration to light my clients to the best of my ability with the gear that I have to flatter them in the most amazing ways
  • a short list of new gear I want to buy and play with
  • my cup full after spending lots of quality time with old friends
  • smiles after meeting new friends! (especially Debbie)

Ready to take your photography to the next level?

consider pp of n
Elopement Photographer

Capturing your Love Story Journey

based in amsterdam
Elopement Photographer

Documenting Life's Extraordinary Moments

based in amsterdam