Our little girl got some christmas money

So she decided it was high time we revamp her bedroom. It's been relatively the same since she was a newborn and she decided she was over her wallpaper and wanted a change. Everything was sourced from Goodwill or Facebook Marketplace (we're a thrift-loving family!)

storage was our biggest issue

If you've ever lived with a little girl, you know they accumulate lots of crap treasures. So storage becomes a major issue. You want it to be functional, but pretty to look at, right? Enter the TRUNDLE BED! Game changer, people. It's only been about 12 hours since she moved in and it's already a blessing.

You see... I got this daybed on Facebook Marketplace and it only came with one mattress. So yup! The trundle drawer is a giant drawer for her to stow her stuff in. Slides out on wheels and yesssssss. No more stepping on popp-its, OMG doll shoes, and little stuffed animals. Keep on scrolling to see her new bed...


Violet LOVES art and color. And she was over her baby nursery bird wallpaper. Sniff sniff. I dreaded the task of taking it down because I was not sure how easy it would be removed (not to mention the fact it's my favorite print ever and she's no longer a baby.) See pics of me and Ryan setting up the nursery 8 years ago. We look like babies.

photo cred: Mona K Photography

it came off easy!

Luckily her wallpaper came down super easy in, like, 20 minutes. Present-day Stacy was sure patting past-Stacy on the back for being thoughtful with the wallpaper installation to ensure easy take-down someday.


As I mentioned earlier, furniture pieces in her room was purchased 2nd hand... here's where her Christmas money went:

PAINT - $25


END TABLE - Z Gallerie, purchased years ago

TWIN TRUNDLE BED - Facebook Marketplace $200

DRESSER - Facebook Marketplace $40

CURTAINS - already owned, just needed hemmed $10

WOOD SHELVES/TRIM DETAIL - expertly installed by Ryan $75

PENNANT BANNER - Etsy $28.50



OWL STRING ART - Goodwill $2

BEDDING - Crate & Barrel Kids Clearance $50

TOTAL: $597.49