Grenada was never on my list

But when one of friends turns 50, they get to pick. And I must say, Jenny picked a winner.

I love to travel and my preference is a unique boutique hotel/resort experience to a place with lots of culture and a lifestyle completely different than my day-to-day. I want to feel taken care of with excellent service and leave feeling inspired by new people and beautiful places. It's against my rules to be a patron at any franchised establishment while on vacation normally.

And I actually don't love the beach. (I feel like a total white asshole saying that) But I honestly get bored of beach/pool life on repeat.

However sometimes you want to relax and be warm (especially when there's an epic blizzard with sub zero temps to escape from) and just not care or have to plan it all. This trip was that.

We stayed at the all-inclusive Sandals Resort in St George's Grenada and have nothing but amazing reviews for it. The staff was warm and friendly, the food was FANTASTIC, and we relaxed. Played lots of volleyball on the beach and, most importantly, Jenny felt the love for her birthday week.

The friends even let me take raw photos of them in their swim attire. Here's pics if you wanna see...

next adventure: Arizona!

Next month it's my birthday so we're headed to Sun City to visit some family. Excited to stay a full week this time and eat at my favorite restaurant Sumomaya!